ERP System

Introduction Benefits Module

ERP SystemEnterprise resource planning (ERP) is a planning that is managed total management of the organization system internally and externally. It can run a variety of network and hardware with any operating system and database. It can run between the business boundaries with all it functional and technical mixing. In the year of 1990 ERP had start his journey with the name of material requirements planning and later manufacturing resource planning and computer-integrated manufacturing.

It can control all functional and technical area like Human Resource Management (HRM), Material Management (MM), Production Planning Management (PPM), Finance Management (FIM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales and Distribution Management (SDM), Business Warehouse (BW) etc. This system connected with organized way to real-time data in variety way by system integrators with their unique knowledge of process diversity and vendors necessity. There are many type of ERP system available in the market with its free or paid services.

As an ERP development company, MBHWEB offers you a customized based ERP application development with respect of your business needs. ERP system implementation will boost up your business like a high speed car in its top speed with superb control power. We can build it with any paid software like .Net, Oracle, SQL Server or open sources application like PHP, Java, C++, Python, Ruby, MySql, PostgreSQL etc.

As a company we will first inspect all your business needs and budget and then we follow the waterfall structure of ERP development process for your industry structure with all type of implementation and post implementation and end user support. All in one with perfection is a symbol of our company.

  1. Integrated Information:
  2. The key benefit of implementing ERP is integration. ERP helps in reducing operational costs by coordinating various departments of the organization. The major idea behind ERP is to control accuracy as well as redundancy of data and data entry. This centralized working system is able to replace multiple, disconnected databases with a single system, incorporate different applications and data sources. It also aims to lowers help desk support and marketing cost. In addition, this real time application has the capabilities of interfacing internal and external entities. Moreover, ERP is an ideal application to improve the cooperation between departments and employees as well as communication with prospects and customers.

  3. Enhanced and Efficient Technology:
  4. This software enhances day to day management activities. It also supports strategic planning that defines objectives for the business. Since it has better data accessibility, top management can also use this tool to make better and more effective decisions. In addition, ERP system has a capability of eliminating manual activities and streamlining critical business processes for many departments of an organization. The following are some more benefits that improve the efficiency of an ERP system.

  5. Easy Reporting:
  6. An ERP system improves and customizes reporting. It provides easy technique of generating reports. With better access to data you can generate and manipulate reports anytime you want to.

  7. User Friendliness:
  8. This robust and user-friendly application easily eliminates problems without over-grown data tables. Moreover, non-technical people can easily access data or information using ERP applications. This handy application also allows you to deal with high volumes because of its real time capability and future based orientation.

  9. Cost Reduction:
  10. An ERP system can integrate costs, profits and revenue information. Its ability to reduce cost can be greatly enhanced if the data that is being captured is analyzed and evaluated properly.

  11. Easy Data Accessibility:
  12. An ERP system enables you to access real time data and increase self-service of critical information. Many ERP vendors are providing mobile functionalities so that you can always remain connected and well-informed in regards your business processes and performance.

  13. Better Communication:
  14. ERP system improves communication between departments within an organization. It also offers a variety of timely, speedy and software-compatible services with flexibility; such as web based applications.

  15. Increased Security:
  16. ERP system not only improves data integrity and security but also enhances the data restrictions, allowing you to keep your customer information and company data safe and secure.

  17. Providing Business and Financial Solution:
  18. ERP offers the best business and financial solutions for almost every type of organization. By permitting flow of resources and finances into different and vital business activities it enables enterprises to increased efficiencies in its daily operations.

  19. Accuracy & Consistency:
  20. An ERP enables companies to maintain consistent and accurate data throughout all the departments enabling the complete flow of information to be viewed through a single system. The department heads can see the timing of employees and total work completed. It provides better visibility and helps in improving the performance of the organization.

  21. Better Resource Management:
  22. This centralized application provides the tools and reporting capabilities to allow management to better allocate valuable resources. This allows decision makers to monitor and take action during crucial times and prevent delays.

  23. Summary – Benefits of Implementing an ERP System:
  24. For any productive business organization ERP can play a vital role. A successfully implemented centralized ERP system will help you in improving alignment of strategies and operations, productivity and insight, financial management and corporate governance. ERP system also enables you in reducing costs through increased flexibility and overall risk. Before implementing ERP system be assured in terms of where and how your company will benefit, discussion with the potential suppliers of ERP in this regards plays a vital role.