Mail Sender

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Accounting SystemThe basic purpose of a mailing utility is mailing, and this is what's well developed in Mail Sender. Using a multi-threaded internal SMTP engine or multiple outside servers, Atomic Mail Sender gets the messages out fast flexibly.The other parts of Atomic Mail Sender only so-so, though, the best probably being the message editor, which offers solid HTML editing support and useful newsletter templates.

Mail Sender has some included list management, but it can't connect or write back to a database and segmenting lists is not supported. Integration with Atomic List Manager does provide the automatic list management you don't find in Atomic Mail Sender, though.Further integration with Mail Tracker brings tracking options to Mail Sender. You can analyze how your messages are opened, and whether people click.

If you send out newsletters regularly, need to notify your customers about new products and services, or just need a great email software, Email Sender  is here to help you!